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Flowers were laid today at the central memorial cross at the Bratunac cemetery on the occasion of the 28 years since the murder of 11 residents of the village of Loznica, nine of whom died on this day in 1992 in an attack by Muslim forces from Srebrenica

The Head of the Bratunac Organization of Families of Captured Soldiers and Missing Civilians Radojka Filipović said that Jelena Stojanović, the mother of six minor children, and 17-year-old Verica Filipović were killed on this day. Verica Filipović `s father was also killed on June 28, 1992.

No one has yet been held responsible for the crimes committed by the Muslim forces from Srebrenica on the great Orthodox holiday, Saint Vitus Day, as well as for the numerous mass crimes committed against Serbs in the middle Podrinje.

Filipović told reporters that the Loznica case is in the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH.

Један оброк много наде

“The acting prosecutor is waiting for the perpetrators of crimes and witnesses to disappear biologically, and that the statistics of the BiH judiciary show that Loznica and Saint Vitus Day in 1992 did not even happen”, said Filipović.

She said that the survivors are left to remember all those who were killed on this day 28 years ago, as well as all the Serbs from Podrinje who were killed almost every day in the last war.

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Source: SRNA

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