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Bojanic: Today, we all know about Srebrenica, and where is our place of Serbian pilgrimage?

We all know about Srebrenica, but not exactly what happened there, because of the strong propaganda coming from one side. They have their pilgrimage. I wonder where our place of Serbian pilgrimage is?

Prepared by Djordje Bojanic

Translation: Jelena Lukić, Serbian Ramonda

This text is not directed towards Srebrenica, there are clear intentions but also facts. It is tragic that we in Serbia have non-governmental organizations and individuals who are fortunately not in power and are asking for July 11 to be declared the Day of Remembrance of the Srebrenica Genocide… They seem to have forgotten the real genocides and ethnic cleansing that Serbs had in almost all wars. That is why we have to start and change some things, our attitude towards our victims, our goal must be for the whole world to hear about our victims and horrible crimes. I am afraid that we, the victims of genocide, will not become the only genocidal people in Europe. And there are intentions for that that could very easily have been realized, if there had not been a reaction from our brotherly Russia when the British proposed their draft resolution which should have declared the Serbian people, along with only one other tribe in Africa, genocidal. shameful English resolution thanks to the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, who was prevented from having such a stamp not stamped by the Serbian people.

Today, it is clear to all of us that the West supported the cover-up of the genocide against Serbs, for that image we ourselves must fight to change it, and to make it as it is.

Because of these sacrifices that I will mention in the text, we Serbs must have the place of the SERBIAN PILGRIMAGE, where we will all gather, maybe in that way we will gather and be resurrected – I will certainly not mention all the victims and all the sufferings in the text (are mentioned, in such a short newspaper article), but which will certainly touch the soul of anyone who reads it.

That is why there is no excuse for not having money, even if they gave financial contributions individually. The state must be behind this. The fact that this is being talked about and thought about is also encouraging, once there was no word or thought about this topic, and in communism it was not even allowed to be mentioned.

Fortunately, at least today we have a museum in the Command Building of the Serbian Army, on King Alexander Square in Nis (until recently it was an impossible mission, to have something like that in the Command Building) in which the entire history of the Serbian people is uniquely and professionally woven. impressively, enchantingly, what is being done is done waited for decades, what Serbia has not had so far, the entire Serbian history in one place. And the commander of the Serbian Army, General Milosav Simovic, and his associates are most responsible for all this.


I will start from the end of the Middle Ages, and I wonder if the Memorial Center was not deserved by the heroes and brothers Mrnjavcevic from Marica and Prince Lazar and his heroes on the field of Kosovo while defending Europe from the Ottomans?

We remember the tax in living children or the blood tax, the beating of Serbs by the Turks, didn’t that century-long suffering and suffering of the Serbian people deserve the Memorial Center?

In that way, we must mark the suffering through the migration of Serbs from 1690 and 1739.

We must also remember the ideology of Starčević, so today we have Croatia almost ethnically clean of Serbs, remember the census from 1910 where over 90 percent of the population in Dubrovnik declared themselves as Serbs and wrote in Serbian, and today? If that is not enough, it should be said that the then Pope, Leo XIII (1810-1903), publicly and in writing admitted to the people of Dubrovnik that they were Serbs.

What to say about the heroes from Cer, Drina, Kolubara, the heroes who crossed the Albanian ravines on foot at minus 30, and those who chased the Swabians across Kajmakclan… all those who died in that suffering and suffering to make us better today, aren’t they deserve a Memorial Center?

A little more than a hundred years ago, on March 13, 1917, in the village of Grbavce, in a sign of great revenge for the participation of Svrljig in the liberation of this area during the Toplica Uprising, the Bulgarian occupier killed 63 people, including girls, boys, even and one pregnant woman. Then the Bulgarian villains ripped open the mother’s womb and took the twins out of the mother’s womb, didn’t they deserve the Memorial Center?

Didn’t Momcilo Gavric (the youngest corporal in the world), Milunka Savic and many other Memorial Center deserve it? Until recently, they did not even have monuments and they were not even known about.

Are all those atrocities that were committed in the Independent State of Croatia, which the human mind did not notice, are those victims that today they do not have a Memorial Center? The Croatian Ustashas surpassed the Germans in killing. They were far worse than the Nazis and fascists. Death in Jasenovac was far more horrible than in the infamous Auschwitz. The Allies left Croatia within Yugoslavia, without asking for its responsibility for the genocide, and attributed the victims of the Ustashaism to unnamed fascists or Germans. That is why the Jasenovac Concentration Camp, as well as other Serbian execution sites, remained unknown to the wider European public.

I will start in more detail than the suffering that is now slowly being suppressed and trying to reduce the number of Serb victims, which is more than 700,000 and according to some sources up to a million victims… We must know the harsh facts that those who ended up in Jasenovac (SRBOSEK) or killed them with axes, mallets and hammers; they were also shot or hung on trees or poles. Some were burned alive in hot furnaces, cooked in cauldrons or drowned in the Sava River. Various forms of torture were used here – they broke nails on their hands and feet with metal objects, blinded people by sticking needles in their eyes, tore their flesh and then salted it. They also tore people alive, cut off their noses, ears and tongues with wire cutters, and stabbed them in the heart with an awl. Daughters were raped in front of their mothers, and sons were tortured in front of their fathers. Simply put – in the concentration camps in Jasenovac and Stara Gradiška, the Ustashas overcame everything that even the sickest mind could not imagine and implement, in terms of the brutality with which people were killed. Don’t these victims deserve a Memorial Center?

Well, I guess Stojanka’s mother Knežopoljka deserved the Memorial Center while fleeing from the raging Ustashas with their children?

Should we forget the suffering of Serbian students in Kraljevo and Kragujevac by the Nazis (Germans). Don’t these children deserve a Memorial Center?

To remember the victims of the allies who destroyed Nis as many as 15 times, and Belgrade, which they attacked 11 times, the British and Americans, with Tito’s approval, traumatized and massacred practically all major cities and settlements in Serbia and Montenegro. Kraljevo was shot six times, Podgorica, Zemun and Alibunar four times, Novi Sad three times, Smederevo, Niksic, Cuprija and Popovac near Paracin twice.

Helpless civilians from Sremska Mitrovica, Ruma, Veliki Beckerek, Krusevac, Peja, Kragujevac, Kovin, Pancevo, Velika Plana, Bijelo Polje, Prijepolje, Kursumlija, Prokuplje, Vucje, Lebane, Grdelica, Podujevo, Raska, Stalac were also targeted. , Mitrovica, Pristina… On their allied bombs was written “Happy Easter”. Don’t these victims deserve a Memorial Center?

During the Second World War, many Serbs were evicted from Kosovo and Metohija, their houses were burned, cultural and religious buildings were destroyed, schools were closed and books in the Serbian language were banned.

In the criminal action of the Skanderbeg division, about 10,000 Serbs were killed and about 100,000 Serbs were expelled. All with the support of Mussolini’s fascist state, and later that pace of Serb displacement continued with Tito’s communist rule. During the war, Albanians (more than 100,000) settled en masse and Serbs were expelled from their homes. During the war, all the churches in all the inhabited villages of Metohija were completely destroyed by the Shiptars, which were burned in April 1941, and the population was killed and expelled. Many other churches were damaged, demolished, desecrated, looted.

Don’t we have a memorial for all the Serbs who suffered from fascists, Nazis, Arnauts and Bulgarian bayonets… and the suffering in the fratricidal war when we were seduced in the Second World War?

AND AFTER THE WAR, THE GOVERNMENT AS IF IT WASN’T SERBIAN… and it wasn’t. We were again enchanted by the Yugoslav creation, and again we renounced being SERBS!

Shouldn’t we also mark the Serbian victims from GOLO ISLAND?

We all know about the Srebrenica victims. SREBRENAC AND BRATUNAC victims… what is the difference?

There is not even a resolution on SERBIAN victims, there is no condemnation of Camil Durakovic, the Mothers of Srebrenica are silent… NGOs are not announced !? Why?

Let’s not forget what happened…

On St. Peter’s Day 1992, Muslim forces under Oric’s command stormed the Serb villages of Zalazje, Biljaca, Sasa and Zagone, killing and massacring 69 Serb civilians, wounding more than 70 and missing 19.

During the three-year war in the municipalities of Srebrenica, Zvornik, Milici, Bratunac, Vlasenica and Osmaci, at least 1,300 Serbs were killed, while a total of 3,267 Serbs were killed in the wider area of central Podrinje and Birca, most of them civilians, women and children. . And let’s not forget… the first victims in Podrinje were SERBIAN!

Didn’t the Serb victims deserve the Memorial Center who died in the criminal Croatian STORM?

How can we forget the atrocities and victims of the NATO pact… and the destruction and sprinkling of uranium on Serbia, and the victims we still have today from that criminal aggression and the poison they sprinkled… didn’t they deserve the Memorial Center?

Didn’t the heroes from Pastrika and Košara deserve the Memorial Center?

Didn’t the Serbian victims of the Siptar terror in occupied Kosmet deserve the Memorial Center?


Because of all of the above, and a lot of it is not listed, we need a national strategy and a national framework. The task of the motherland is to protect all Serbs across the borders and to try to return them to their old roots and, if possible, faith… why not.

Such a collection is difficult for us, and the reason that is clear today is that at the end of the Second World War, another ideology (communist) came to Serbia and tried to erase the complete history of the Serbian people with an “eraser”.

Maybe it would be good to emulate the Jews and their national framework… their WALL OF CRYING (Holocaust) should be taken as an example for creating a Serbian “defender” isn’t Jasenovac our WALL OF CRYING… as long as we don’t have a MAUSOLEUM for all Serb victims, we can’t move forward, Europe doesn’t want us like that either. And why don’t we have it?

The territory of BiH is full of Serbian execution sites from the Second World War, which, until two decades ago, almost no one even knew about, and for many things – the culprit should not be sought in communism, Tito, Tito’s puppets and nits “but in ourselves, we have suffered national, patriotic and orthodox oppression and restraint… for the sake of social peace.

An example of my astonishment is the mausoleum on the island of Vido, which is the largest tomb of Serbs killed in the First World War, and today you can see the Croatian chessboard there, as a relic of Yugoslavia, although only Serbs are buried there – those Serbs who fought against those croatian horsemen… Yugoslav. Isn’t that sad?

For example, as far as we know that 7,100 Serbs died in Jindrihovice in the Great War, the answer is a very small number of Serbs. How many of us know about Bulgarian bayonets, the Toplica Uprising was not mentioned in schools for a long time, what happened to our invalids from the Great War, how did some dukes from the Great War end their lives? Not to mention World War II. These are just some painful questions.

In the 20th century, brotherhood and unity were more important to Serbs than patriotism, which proved to be a big mistake. One of the largest is the one from 1918 and the creation of the artificial creation of KSHS and the 1929 Kingdom of Yugoslavia. If it weren’t for 1918, there wouldn’t be an Austro-Hungarian corporal.

What happened to the Serbs in 1941, when we lightly pursued other people’s interests, it is strange that few people said then that this was a challenge to the strongest army in the world and that defeat was inevitable. Despite all the knowledge about the unwillingness of Croats and all minorities to fight, about the obsolescence of military strategy and technology, unrealized mobilization, the mythical and irrational notion was still believed about a Serbian soldier, invincible when he defends his homeland. And what happened after the heroic shouts and slogans “Better war than pact” and “Better grave than slave”, did the Serbs regain their “name” dignity and start writing new pages of modern history that will prove to be quite bad for our people and those slogans took us straight to the civil war. Even today, we do not understand the commitment of Milan Nedić and his vision of saving Serbia.

What’s worse, out of that civic madness, fascinated by communism and the man who kept us at gunpoint on Cer and Kolubara, we are moving into a new future and a downturn that will happen 10 years after the marshal’s death… of these consequences we can not even today to recover, but we gladly remember, a partially easy life, and we are not even aware of the consequence.

As if we were enchanted, enchanted, enchanted, we cannot shake off the Yugoslav ghosts. She is squeezing us more and more, she wants to drown us, and we beg her not to leave us… and we want her to come back to us.

We Serbs have given up the right to be free with our victory and defeated ourselves. Instead of creating our own Serbian state, we created Yugoslavia and became occupiers and slaves in our homeland.

Until we understand and understand all these issues, we will not be able to continue… education must accept this challenge, the challenge of facts and truth. We have to re-educate ourselves, many things passed us by, we did not understand them, they were not important to us then… now is the time to find out the truth, as well as those things that were in the historical dump as irrelevant.

Isn’t it humble to base our history on Nemanjić and Konstantin Porfirogenit… what was before them… where the Serbs were? I wonder if Albanians should be allowed to claim that they come from the Illyrians, and the evidence is nowhere (thus we gave the Shiptars the right to secede, without even being aware of it)… where are the denials, and until recently we confirmed it ourselves in the textbook for 6th grade.

Why don’t we clarify who the Bosniaks are, who the Serb Catholics are and what happened to them… these are essential things that must be clear and accessible to all. We must clarify thoroughly what happened to Serbs in Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Montenegro… we as a mother must have a strategy to bring those Serbs back to their roots… certainly that strategy must last a long time, maybe a century, but we must have it.

We remember that during the Second World War there was a division in Serbia – partisans, Chetniks, Nedićevci, Ljotić (all Serbs) – after the war Yugoslavs – and I hope now only SERBS “so I guess we learned something” we won’t to share again… and we must know the truth and learn something from it… we have sinned and suffered… the only thing left for us is to be united and honest… to forgive our own mistakes, we are SERBS !!!

Why the whole world knows about the pogrom of Jews (and it should know, that is an example), almost no one knows about what happened in Jasenovac. The responsibility is ours. For Serbs, Jasenovac is what Auschwitz is for Jews. WHY IS THAT SO, it’s a big question?

Today, we must work again to unite all Serbs, no matter what religion they are – it is a long process, education, education and the media are very important – and here our history will help us.

Unfortunately, what was gained in the war, the Serbian people lost in peace. When fate is taken into the hands of people who determine the fate of other people, even the entire nation, out of personal or political interests, there is a dilemma – could everything have been different?


Who is to blame for the part of our youth… who writes in Latin, uses foreign expressions, wears T-shirts with English and American flags, loves McDonald, listens to foreign music… (it’s all nice…) and there is no need to look for the culprit. We need to act educationally and educate both at school and at home, just as young people in America and England are educated, do they wear T-shirts with the Serbian coat of arms? We can very rarely see Serbian flags flying on our roads (highway), unlike, for example, on the roads in Albania, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia… flags are flying there everywhere (which is very nice to see, so they respect themselves and their country). Are we ashamed of our flag? Afterwards, we are surprised that young people wear T-shirts with American and English flags… And in addition, some school principals take off their T-shirts with the image of Princip and the flag of Kosmet. Perhaps, because of such an attitude, we still do not have a list of all Serbian victims of genocide.

We should start from here… create and devise a strategy and national program of Serbia, when we have those frameworks, it is easy for us to continue to act and fight for our territories Kosovo and Metohija and Republika Srpska… but without strategy and national program, everything will be difficult.

If you want to destroy a nation… destroy its history… you don’t need a war !!! Unfortunately, that happened to us and is happening… it’s time to wake up !!!

When a nation is uprooted from the memory of its past, its heroes and military victories. When his historical root of existence and existence is torn out, he becomes a zombie mob. Such a nation loses its national dignity, its notion of state consciousness, ceases to have role models and nothing is sacred to it anymore – not even the sacrifices that fell, so that it would even exist today.


There is hope!

Prepared by Djordje Bojanic, prof. history and editor-in-chief of the site Srpska istorija

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Source: Srpska istorija , Serbian Ramonda

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