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The Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik pointed out in a statement for SRNA that a crime that history does not remember happened in Podrinje 28 years ago and because of that this area became a bloody crown of Serb`s suffering and the spiritual epicenter of Serb`s collective pain.

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Dodik emphasized that justice can continue to be selective, but while one Serb ear exist, a tragic story about the Serb suffering in Podrinje will be passed from generation to generation and it will always hurt, especially on Saint Peter’s Day.

He emphasized that Saint Peter’s Day is a day of remembrance, a day when pain and awe towards Serb innocent victims are completely, almost unbearably revived and resurrected. Whose existence, life and dreams in a bloody, cowardly campaign were erased by an inhuman enemy, in Podrinje soaked in their blood, forever tearing them from the embrace of their loved ones.

“Even after so many years, the question remains – why? And we will ask ourselves while we are alive and while our generations live. Why did the unbroken chain of centuries of Serb suffering reach its culmination in Zalazje, Biljača, Sase, Zagon, Kravica? Is almost every Serb family and every home in this region had to be wrapped in black, did so many mothers have to be left without their children, and so many children without their parents”, Dodik asked.

He added that during the defense-patriotic war, the people of Podrinje were forced to defend themselves from the fundamentalist hordes from the area, which were instructed by the creators of the “Islamic Declaration” to complete what they started in the Second World War.

Dodik said that the Serb people cannot and will not forgive the perpetrators of these terrible crimes who make every Serb unbearably ill around Petrovdan, nor will they forgive the world “gentleman” who rewrites the history in which Serbs are almost always to blame for everything and who selects victims.

“We will fight while we are alive to prove to everyone what happened in Podrinje, and that the cries of Serb mothers wrapped in black and the cries of a child who will never meet a parent never happen again. There is a kind of conspiracy of silence today, from one part of the international community, which in cooperation with Sarajevo, is trying in every way to ignore and hide the scale of the horrors committed against the Serbs of Podrinje. If the truth finds its way to the world public, and I have no doubt it will find it someday, it will disrupt the carefully planned and the maintained image of the war events in this area, which they have been trying to demonization and denigrate us for years, undermining the foundations of the Republika Srpska and showing the victims of only one side”, Dodik emphasized.

He pointed out that the victims of the Serb people in Podrinje, built into the foundations of the Republika Srpska, are obliged to preserve their suffering from oblivion and that everyone in the Republika Srpska fights to the last atom of strength for the criminals to finally reach the hand of justice.

“‘Gentlemen’, the perpetrators of this terrible crime, we will not forgive you our victims. We neither forgive nor forget, neither we nor God. Our victory will always be life, peace, every child born in Srpska and every man who lives happily in our country “, said the Serb member of the BiH Presidency Milorad Dodik.

Source: SRNA

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