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Dzaferovic, put your finger on forehead and remember your dark war past

If Dzaferovic and Izetbegovic continue to persist in a selfish view of the past, calling for the selfish future they only want, then the disintegration of BiH is inevitable

Author: Milorad GUTALJ

Translation: Jelena LUKIĆ, Serbian Ramonda

Šefik Džaferović, a high-ranking SDA official, should, before making any statements about the past civil war in BiH, put his finger on his forehead, think about his war past and ask himself how much he contributed to the suffering of Serbs in the area where it burned and burned the so-called Army of BiH.

Dzaferovic should also think carefully about his role in bringing mujahedin warriors to BiH, who, since he, as the head of the Zenica Security Service Center, issued them personal documents, committed crimes against the Serb population.

Dzaferovic should also remember the photos that the mujahedin were proud of, and maybe he too, holding the severed Serb heads during the war on Vozuca and around Zenica.

Dzaferovic remembers that very well, but still tries to cover up his war crimes and crimes of the so-called Army of BiH, while on the other hand he tries to moralize others and give inappropriate and incorrect statements like yesterday that “the crime that happened in Prijedor is a systematic, united a criminal enterprise aimed at eliminating the non-Serb population “.

Although he invents and presents incorrect information, at least he has a flawless war past. But, unfortunately, he does not have and as such has no right to impose on others that they committed crimes, covering up their war immorality.

This was best shown by SBB President Fahrudin Radoncic, who told Dzaferovic that “the nervous Shefik
looked at the documents during the war, with his signature, when he gave citizenship to mujahedin fighters from Egypt, Pakistan, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Jordan.”

Radončić posted on “Instagram” two facsimiles of such documents with a clear message to Šefik “if a goat is lying, the horn is not lying”.

However, if these documents, which were made public, were not enough for Dzaferovic to resign from all political positions, then every statement of this SDA activist has no moral cover, no matter what it was about.

All war victims, to come from any nation, are equal or should be equal, but Dzaferovic does not see
that equality. He only sees that others are to blame, but not he and his followers.

It is OK for the former head of the Zenica CJB to talk about Prijedor, about the suffering of Bosniaks, but it is not okay to present qualifications that do not exist, that he never said anything about the suffering of Serbs in Vozuća, Zenica, Podrinje, Sarajevo, Tuzla, Visoko, villages around Ilijaš and other areas controlled by the so-called Army of BiH.

The leader of the SDA composition, Bakir Izetbegović, also has a double diopter for the war events in BiH, also stating the notorious untruths that “genocide against Bosniaks was committed many times”.

If the so-called Army of BiH attacked Serb places, for example, Kravica, Zalazje, Biljača, Skelane, Ilijaš, Srednje, Čemerno, Kamenica and many others, then Izetbegović is right that the aggressor was the so-called Army of BiH, because the Serb population only defended itself, but unfortunately it did not always manage to defend its hearths from the invasion of mujahedin, Muslim villains and members of the so-called Army of BiH, as evidenced by numerous cemeteries and the never-found remains of Serb soldiers and civilians.

Izetbegović calls for a strong state, strong armed forces and strong security agencies that will defend citizens, which is perfectly fine, but he cannot build such a state with Željko Komšić, an illegitimate representative of Croats, but with Serbs from Republika Srpska and Croats from cantons where are the majority, ie Herceg Bosna.

Dzaferovic and Izetbegovic can lament over “their” Bosniak victims, but why do they ignore the crimes of the so-called Army of BiH that it committed against the Serb and Croat population. To these crimes
should be added the crimes of Dzaferovic’s and Izetbegovic’s army, which she committed against the Muslims of “Babina Republika” in Krajina.

If Dzaferovic and Izetbegovic continue to persist in a selfish view of the past, calling for the selfish future they only want, then the disintegration of BiH is inevitable.

Both Serbs and Croats and Bosniaks have their truth, their history, their customs and religion, their culture and their territories within BiH. And that should be respected!

Then why the desire for Sarajevo to be ruled by Banja Luka and Mostar, for Sarajevo to impose its “truth” about the war, for Sarajevo to call everyone else “aggressors and criminals”, that only they are “defenders” … What !? Us from ourselves !? Is it the so-called multiethnic Sarajevo in which Serbs are reduced to the level of “statistical error”, and Croats as well …

Sarajevo with Bosniaks, it is already clear to everyone, is enough for itself. What you did not achieve in the war, you want in peace, but leave alone the Republika Srpska.

Пратите нас на Фејсбуку, ИнстаграмуТвитеру, Вконтакту, Телеграму и Виберу!

Један оброк много наде

Source: Srna

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