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American film director Paul Kampf, who will make the film “Harvest” based on Veselin Dželetovic’s novel “Serb Heart of Johan” about illegal organ trafficking and the infamous Albanian “Yellow House”, says the world not knowing a thing about this event is the most terrible, thus the goal is to inform it about the sufferings of the Serb people via the film

Kampf says he is very pleased with the decision made by the Film Centre of Serbia to support his film with RSD 40 million, and at the same time, he feels great responsibility of fulfilling expectations.

He emphasizes that “Harvest” is not an American film about Serb victims, but something much bigger.

“The world knowing nothing about this event is the scariest thing for me. It is important to let the film speak from the point of view of an outsider, just like the main character is, in order to inform people on the sufferings of the Serb people in the Yellow House in such way,” Kampf told Večernje Novosti.

He emphasizes that the fact that the indictment against the president of self-declared Kosovo, Hashim Thaci, for crimes against Serb civilians, including those in the Yellow House, is currently being reviewed, additionally increases the relevance of his film story.

Kampf announces that he is coming in September when the serious work on the film will begin.

“If everything goes according to plan, we will start filming `Harvest` next year in May,” Kampf said.

Producer Dragan Ivanović confirmed that the famous American actor Harvey Keitel will appear in a minor role in this film, and that Maia Morgenstern, known for her role as the Mother of God in Mel Gibson’s spectacle “The Passion of Christ”, also gave her written consent.

“Maia told us that after reading the script, she realised that any rejection of the role would be tacit complicity with the people who are dealing with these terrible crimes. She believes that the world must hear this story,” Ivanović said.

He added that, as far as local actors are concerned, Kampf wants to get to know their work and see them on stage because he wants to choose the best actors, while the main character Johan will be played by an American actor. 

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Source: SRNA

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