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MEMORY OF THE USTASH MASSACRE: Dead circuit in Mashvina 1942

21. 7. 1942, in Mašvina near Slunj, Muslim and Croat Ustashas killed more than 420 Serbs, so slaughtered 10 girls and 10 boys, aged 5 to 7, stripped naked, laid the girls on their backs in a circle, joined their hands and spread their legs. and laid upon them naked slaughtered boys

The Dead Circle in Mašvina is the name for a monstrous war crime committed by Ustasha units (Croat and Muslim) in mid-July 1942 in the Mašvina forest in Kordun, Slunj municipality.

On that occasion, at least 420 Serb civilians from southern Kordun were killed in the most horrific ways, of which about twenty girls and boys, who were killed under the age of 7, were laid on their backs and placed in a circle, holding hands. While the corpses of the other killed victims were scattered everywhere in the forest.

This massacre is considered one of the most horrible during 1941-1945, not only in Kordun, but also on the territory of the entire Independent State of Croatia. It has all the elements of a ritual satanic act.

Kordunaška Rakovica, in the vicinity of which this crime took place, suffered great human and material losses during the Second World War, so that the number of inhabitants was almost halved. And the national structure changed radically after 1945, that is, the Serbs lost the majority.


The Ustasha regime led by its leader Ante Pavelic and Cardinal Alojzije Stepinac immediately began a massacre of innocent civilians, as the old Yugoslav army quickly collapsed and capitulated, and resistance, especially in the western parts of the former Yugoslav kingdom, was weak.

In Kordun, the massacres began on St. George’s Day on May 6, 1941 in Veljun, and then continued day by day… In addition to Croatian and Muslim Ustashas and home guards, almost all Roman Catholic friars and priests also participated in the genocide of Serbs, Jews and Roma. They were instigators, but they also forgave their crimes “in the name of Christ.”

Not far from the village of Rakovica, on July 18, 1942, a new series of massacres took place in the area of ​​the village: Kordunski Ljeskovac, Sadilovac, Kršlja, Brezovac, Zapoljak, Lug, Bogovolja…


Ustasha units realized the importance of the Mashvina forest, because they assumed that it hid both guerrillas and their families. Which was true, because not only the inhabitants of Rakovica, but also other places in this area fled to the Mašavina forest, to protect themselves from Ustasha knives and bullets. Two Ustasha regiments flocked to this larger forest and surrounded it. Among the executioners were Muslims from Velika Kladuša and Cazin.

There were hundreds of Serb civilians in the forest, that is, women with children, as well as old people who were not ready to fight, either because of their age or because of their health.

The Serbs from Korduna were there for more than two days – the tension grew from hour to hour, while the Ustasha bloodthirsty people were actually just waiting for the right moment.

The attack on civilians began on the morning of July 21, 1942… then the brutal massacre of Ustasha monsters began, who slaughtered a Serbian nephew… The horrible screams of children and their mothers who watched it echoed through the forest. It was a real live horror movie.

A small part of the women with children managed to hide in a cave that was well disguised at the entrance, and inside there was food, crates, cattle and everything needed for a longer stay. That cave was discovered, that is. betrayal fell, so the Ustashas came there with lamps and lanterns to rob and finish the work with the massacre.

A group of Serbs escaped certain death via Brezovac to Mocilo. The other part that stayed in the hoop and decided to wait for the night, and then to start the breakthrough. The plan succeeded, because the Ustashas withdrew, and the distraught people managed to get out of the Mašavina forest in columns and gain free territory.

Among the Ustasha names that should be remembered that the perpetrators and helpers of this one of the most terrible massacres in the Independent State of Croatia are: Meda Džafer, Murat Tovčagić, Avdo Mujčić, Ustasha commander…

It should certainly be noted that the Ustasha bloodthirsty were supported by Muslim and Croat civilians, who also took daggers and slaughtered a Serb nephew.


Rade Boca
Nikola Boca
Dusan Boca
Milan Boca
Petar Boca
Stevo Egić
Milica Dj. Miljkovic


Post-war testimonies about this great massacre indicate that the Ustasha genocide against Serbs in the Independent State of Croatia was not just a mere crime, but a primordial evil, deeply rooted in the indoctrination of the Vatican.

Nikola Basara, later testified as follows:

– “When dawn broke, on July 22, almost all the villages from Cazin to Rakovica could be seen from that slope (Mašvina forest). The houses were all on fire. Devastation remained. In addition to the burned houses, some human corpses of a woman, a child or an elderly man… Small and large cattle were killed.

The Mašvina forest stretches for several kilometers through which the road leads from Brezovac to Kordunski Ljeskovac. When we entered the forest, we came across horrifying scenes along the entire road – corpses of children, women and the elderly scattered on both sides for up to two kilometers.

Of these 20 children, ten are female and ten are male. There are no pieces of their clothes or diapers on and around them. The children are arranged in a circle – legs inwards, and heads outwards for a proportional distance. The girls are on the grass with spread legs and arms, and the boys on the girls – belly on belly. Every child was slaughtered, but it is not seen that they were slaughtered on the spot… there were no traces of blood, which means that the crime was committed somewhere else, so they brought them here and lined them up ‘in a circle’… ”.

One of the later witnesses said:

“In the Mašvina forest” on a glade of about 50 square meters lay twenty children, up to one year old “10 women and 10 men”

The children are arranged in a circle – the legs inwards, and the heads outwards… The girls are on the grass with spread legs and arms, and the boys on the girls – belly to belly. Every child is slaughtered, that is. cut with a knife under the neck… ”.


Several books have been written about this Mashvin crime, and three stand out. The first is “I did my peasant and blacksmith work“, written by Dr Đuro Zatezalo, a historian from Kordun, where he recorded the authentic testimonies of the surviving Serbs.

And the second is “The Homeland Machine” written by Miloš Gaćeša, which was published in 2006, and in which the third volume of the book also talks about the horrors of this crime, which has never been explained from a scientific point of view.

The third is from Strahinja Kurdulija “Atlas of the Ustasha genocide against Serbs“.

No documentary has been made to date about this crime, which is just one link in the Ustasha (Croatian and Muslim) Holocaust.

Пратите нас на Фејсбуку, ИнстаграмуТвитеру, Вконтакту, Телеграму и Виберу!

Translation: Jelena Lukić, Serbian Ramonda

The first part of the title: Serbian Ramonda

Source: Crimes Against Serbs

Један оброк много наде

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