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My neighbor genocidal aggressor

The intention of the authorities of Tuzla Canton (which has been proud of its alleged multiethnicity for decades) to “teach” children that Serbs “besieged Sarajevo”, “committed genocide”, etc… is the same as inserting cyanide into the city water supply

By: Nenad TADIĆ

Indoctrination of Bosniak`s elementary school students by describing Serbs as “aggressors”, “occupiers” and “genocidal people” is the ultimate goal of political Sarajevo – after the social consensus that “Serbs attacked BiH”, the basic idea about Serbs as a foreign body and the eternal enemy of Bosniaks and Bosnia was approached.

The intention of the authorities of Tuzla Canton (which has been proud of its alleged multiethnicity for decades) to “teach” children that Serbs “besieged Sarajevo”, “committed genocide”, etc… is the same as inserting cyanide into the city water supply.

It is a textbook verification of the decisions of Bosniak political and religious sages, which have been announced and advertised by the Sarajevo and federal media for years, and now with these avalanches of historical falsifications they will fill the heads of children – potential future members of the “Bosnian bloc”.

If in half of BiH almost three decades a million Serbs are called “aggressors” and “genocidal persons” (and there is no media in the Federation of BiH that does not report like that) – then the preparation of children’s perception of the world that they perceive the neighbors with whom they live should live as hated enemies is just concreting the highway into a future war.

Of course, these textbooks will not mention that the same Serbs in and around Sarajevo were liberators in 1945 and that they acted from almost the same positions as in 1992, when they became “aggressors” and “attackers”.

It will not be mentioned the “historical trifle” that one of the most serious crimes of genocide in history was committed against these same “aggressors” in the Second World War, because Serbs, together with Jews, Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Belarusians and other Slavs were destined to be shot in the Nazi vision of the world.

Little Bosniaks in Tuzla Canton will not even know that three of the four children who died during the Ustasha and Nazi domination in today’s BiH were Serbs.

No one will inform Bosniak elementary school students, least of all the federal ministries of education, that their Serb peers were expelled from half of Bosnia and Sarajevo again in the 1990s, and that they were expelled by the descendants of those who tied the same flags in 1992 as in 1941.

Indoctrinated children are the final stone in the mosaic of the desired BiH described in “Islamic Declaration” by Alija Izetbegović, a Muslim political leader from the 1990s. Everything that is written in that political-religious manual is still very current in political Sarajevo.

Since when socialism and “Comrade Tito” are replaced by Alija and this type of Islam, which Alija Izetbegović has introduced into BiH by prolonging the war and rejecting peace`s plans, a large part of the Federation of BiH with a Bosniak majority has been living the concept of “fundamental people”, ie indoctrinated fairy tale “the only indigenous people in Bosnia.”

Hence, it is necessary to retouch the historical image and remove the “surplus” – first Croats /military allies in two wars against Serbs/ from the rest of the Federation of BiH, and then the Republika Srpska as a dam for the suppression of Serbs from “one and only” country where the Bosniaks are the hosts, and others are just “aggressors” or “guests”.

The indoctrination of children with historical forgeries and the use of radical and inflammatory phrases, which can lead them to new wars in their old age, is a well-thought-out planned act.

It is a crime against peace equal to the same crime of the “father” of today’s Bosniak Islamist society Alija Izetbegović, who, at the dawn of the conflict in BiH, declared war on his Serb neighbors (to whom he himself, of his own free will, belonged before).

“I will sacrifice peace for a sovereign BiH”, Izetbegović has announced at the time in the BiH Parliament, and “ratted out” himself for all time before history as the initiator of war horrors in this area.

How else can the indoctrination of children in primary school be called, to whom teachers will “put” into their heads every day the “truth” according to which the people they need to live with in the future are actually their biggest enemies?

This morbid “investment in the future”, deliberately done by the Bosniak elite equally represented from the political, social and religious spectrum, works against every possible idea of BiH with the same efficiency with which it will make its own descendants into Serb-haters.

In a few words, no one is working more on the division of BiH than the Bosniak elite.

Under the pressure of Bosniak “school programs”, the entity borders could easily become front lines, and in a happier and better variant for all – the borders of independent states.

Пратите нас на Фејсбуку, ИнстаграмуТвитеру, Вконтакту, Телеграму и Виберу!

Један оброк много наде

Source: SRNA

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