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President of the Veterans’ Organization of the Republika Srpska Milomir Savčić said in Bratunac today that everyone who is responsible for even one victim in the Podrinje area must be prosecuted, because there is a risk of repeating what happened in the past

Savčić pointed out that without determining the truth and sanctions for all those responsible, there is no peace because there is a risk of repeating what happened in the recent and distant past.

“We are sending a clear message of peace, we want peace, but we are clear and committed to resolutely defending what was created by blood,” Savčić concluded.

According to him, the period when the Drina was muddy and bloody has passed and the time has come for it to be naturally clean, clear and beautiful, and in order to be like that, the truth must be proved for everything that happened in that area during the last defense-patriotic war.

Један оброк много наде

A memorial service was held today at the cemetery in Bratunac for 3,265 Serbs from the middle Podrinje who died from Muslim forces in the past war, including those killed on Saint Peter’s Day 28 years ago in the villages around Srebrenica and Bratunac. 

Пратите нас на Фејсбуку, ИнстаграмуТвитеру, Вконтакту, Телеграму и Виберу!

Source: SRNA

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