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SREBRENICA: 28 years since the suffering of Serbs on Saint Peter’s day in 1992 marked

СРЕБРЕНИЦА, 12. ЈУЛА /СРНА/ - На Залазју, код Сребренице, данас је служен парастос код спомен-костурнице страдалима у два посљедња рата, прислужене су свијеће за покој душа 69 Срба убијених на данашњи дан 1992. године и положено цвијеће на спомен-обиљежје поводом обиљежавања 28 година од великог српског страдања у сребреничкој општини.

28 years since the suffering of 69 Serbs, who were killed on Saint Peter’s Day in 1992 have been marked today in Zalazje near Srebrenica.

The representative of the Minister of Labour, War Veterans and Disabled Persons Protection of Republika Srpska Milan Torbica has said that in the last war in BiH, the truth was killed first by Western powers and the media and that the world is just learning the real truth about the character of the war.

Here, around Srebrenica and Bratunac, more than 2,500 Serbs were killed in 1992, of whom 80 percent were civilians. Bosniaks were suffered in 1995, and only soldiers. These facts tell us what was the cause and what was the consequence, who attacked and who defended themselves in this area, Torbica pointed out.

He has emphasized that the character of the opponents in the war is also indicated by the fact that they carried out attacks on Serb`s villages on the biggest Orthodox holidays – Christmas, Saint George’s Day, Saint Vitus’ Day, Saint Peter’s Day, when most family members gather at home, which shows that they went to destroy Serb people.

It is regrettable and wrongfully that nobody has been accountable for these crimes, not even the commander of the Muslim forces from Srebrenica Naser Orić. But, there comes a time when justice and truth will come out on the light of day. Serbs are not destroyed and expelled from the left side of the Drina river, no one will ever be able to do that and we live free in our Republika Srpska, Torbica said.

Photo: SRNA

The mayor of Srebrenica Mladen Grujičić has said that Srebrenica was abandoned when it comes to Serb`s victims, and that the families of the victims are still waiting and seeking truth and justice.

Nobody has been convicted for crimes against Srebrenica`s Serbs at the Hague tribunal. This is the reason why we do not believe in the work of the international court, but also of the Court of BiH, which selectively distributes justice, Grujičić said.

Milojka Simić, whose husband was killed in Srebrenica, says that injustice and the knowledge that no one was responsible for the Serb`s victims are hurting more and more.

Photo: SRNA

My husband Branko was captured alive in Zalazje on Saint Peter’s Day 28 years ago and he was killed in a camp in Srebrenica. His brother Petko was exhumed without a head, which was never found, and for the BiH judiciary these are not crimes which should be prosecuted. They wait for witnesses to die, Simić was indignant.

Obrad Vasić as loyal to the then Muslim authority stayed in Srebrenica, and his daughter Jovana says they never found out how and why he was killed and where his remains are. She is indignant by the work of the judiciary and the BiH Missing Persons Institute.

On that tragic Saint Peter’s Day, strong Muslim forces from Srebrenica under the command of Naser Orić continued the systematic and planned ethnic cleansing of Serbs in the Srebrenica municipality, which began in April of that year.

69 Serbs were killed on Saint Peter’s Day in 1992, 22 Serbs went missing and were captured, 10 of whom are still listed as missing, and a large number were wounded.

After being tortured and abused in the Srebrenica camps, all of them were killed. The remains of 10 of them were accidentally found by the Search Team for Missing Persons from Tuzla on June 10, 2011 in Zalazje, while searching for Muslim victims.

After more than a year, these remains were identified and buried in 2012 on Saint Peter’s Day, two were found and buried earlier, and another 10 Serbs missing that day are still being searched for. 

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Source: SRNA

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