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Director of the Republika Srpska Center for Research of War, War Crimes and the Search for Missing Persons Milorad Kojić stated that a systemic crime has been committed against the Serb people in the middle Podrinje, and that the leader of that crime Naser Orić has been acquitted before the Hague and before the BiH judiciary

Kojić said that the reaction of judicial institutions was absent, in order to cover the systemic crime against the Serb people committed in the period from 1992 to 1995, i.e., during the entire war.

He noted that 2,654 Serbs were killed in this area, dominated by the elderly, women and children.

The exact place of the suffering of them is known, Kojić told ATV, adding that more than 3,500 Serbs killed during the last war in Podrinje.

Kojić reminded that individual crimes also took place in this area, and cited the example of the boy Slobodan Stojanović who was killed by Elfeta Veseli in a brutal manner.

Један оброк много наде

“The boy’s body was completely massacred”, Kojić said, adding that in this case, the commander of the unit Sakib Halilović was acquitted.

Kojić believes that judicial institutions are trying to amnesty the responsibilities of the crimes of the commander of that unit.

“By that, I wanted to say that the system, which was aimed at the destruction of the Serb people here, is persistently amnestied from these judicial institutions,” Kojić pointed out.

He added that the desire is to illustrate the false truth referring to July 1995, and added that no one disputed that a crime had taken place, but it did not have the character of genocide and because of that a commission was formed to examine all the facts about the suffering of all nations.

Regarding the obstruction of the adoption of the revised strategy on war crimes prosecution, Kojić said that it is a politicization backed by the SDA with the desire to control those processes and build a unitary BiH through war crimes verdicts, not wanting to open new processes against Bosniaks. 

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Source: SRNA

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