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Monasteries of Fruška Gora

The Krušedol monastery

Serbian Monasteries

50 km long and 10 km wide on the Srem mountains of Fruska Gora, there are 16 Serbian Orthodox monasteries, most of which have been established as living. This unique cultural and historical entity was identified as a cultural asset of exceptionally  importance to the Republic of Serbia in 1990, and was suggest for inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List.
The wider area of ​​Fruska Gora has long been rich in shrines, and during the 16th and 17th centuries, 35 monasteries were recorded in this area. Since their inception, these monasteries have been plundered, demolished and abandoned numerous times, and most severely damaged during World War II. Several monasteries were badly damaged during the 1999 NATO bombing.
Researchers of contemporary Serbian art in the Danube region have found some regularity in the spatial structure of monastery temples, and have linked them to the Moravian architecture of medieval Serbia in the 16th century.

The monastery temples built during the 18th century represent an interesting combination of traditional architecture, similar to Novo Hopovo, and a Baroque model taken from the repertoire of Western European architecture.

List of Fruška Gora monasteries sorted by geographical location (from west to east):

  • St. Petka-Berkasovo
  • Privina Glava
  • Divsa
  • Kuvezdin
  • Petkovica
  • Sisatovac
  • Svetih Arhangela (Holy Archangels )
  • Vranjas
  • Bešenovo
  • Beocin
  • Mala Remeta
  • Jazak
  • Rakovac
  • Vrdnik
  • Staro Hopovo
  • Novo Hopovo
  • Grgeteg
  • Velika Remeta
  • Krušedol
  • Vavezdenja Presvete Bogorodice
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