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Monasteries of Kosovo and Metohija

Monastery Gračanica

Serbian Monasteries

The territory of the Autonomous Province of Kosovo and Metohija in the south of Serbia consists of two basins. The eastern basin was named after the bird hair – Kosovo, and the western part of the territory was covered in the Middle Ages with metos – the church properties of the Serbian Orthodox Church, which is the name of Metohija.
The territory of today’s AP Kosovo and Metohija was a central part of the Serbian medieval state at the time of it’s greatest flourishing in the late 13th and early 14th centuries. Therefore, the endowments of the Serbian rulers, lords and church dignitaries are preserved in Kosovo and Metohija in considerable numbers.
The leading cities of Peć, Prizren and Priština represented significant political, ecclesiastical and economic centers, around which most of the monasteries were founded. As cities developed on the ruins of urban settlements of ancient times, so did numerous churches erected in older Christian cultural sites, as was often the case in Byzantium and the countries that gravitated to it, and were developed on the ruins of the Roman Empire.
Four UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kosovo and Metohija are jointly named Medieval Monuments in Kosovo: the Dečani Monastery (individually registered in 2004), the Monasteries of the Pećka Patrijaršija and Gračanica, as well as the Church of Bogorodica Ljeviška in Prizren (2006).
Serbian medieval monuments in Kosovo and Metohija have since 2006 been listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List as at risk due to the volatile security situation prevailing in that Serbian province, currently under UNMIK administration. Visits to monasteries and churches are only possible with KFOR military escorts.
Monasteries in Kosovo and Metohija:
● Banjska
● Gračanica
● Bogorodica Ljeviška
● Sveti Arhangeli
● Velika Hoča
● Zočište
● Dečani
● Pećka Patrijaršija

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