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Monasteries of Ovčar-Kablar

Monasteirs Blagoveštenje

Serbian Monasteries

In a narrow geographical area, in the gorge of the West Morava River, there is a large group of monasteries, commonly known as the “Serbian Sveta gora”. Most of the monasteries were erected at the time of Turkish rule, when they had great historical and cultural and artistic significance.
The earliest written records of them speak of an intensive transcriptional school in the 16th century in monasteries, and Vuk Karadzic says that the two monasteries (Blagovestenje and Jovanje) had “towers for writing books”. Ovcarsko-Kablarski monasteries were a significant center of artistic activity, as evidenced by the fact that all the churches had painted murals and altar partitions in the form of iconostases, which were partially preserved.
It is unknown how many monasteries used to be, and today there are ten. On the left side of the West Morava, under Kablar, are the Blagovestenje, Ilinje, Jovanje, Nikolje and Uspenje, and under Ovčar are the Vavedenje, Vaznesenje, Preobrazenje, Sv.Trojica and Sretenje . Many of the monasteries were remodeled and rebuilt over time.
Due to the construction of the railway, the Preobrazenje was relocated to a new location, Jovanja was rebuilt because of the construction of the Hydroelectric Power Plant, Vaznesenje was significantly restored, and Ilinje and Uspenje were rebuilt in the old places.
The most important monasteriesBlagovestenje, Nikolje, Sretenia and Sv.Trojica) are expertly conserved and protected as cultural monuments of great importance for the history and culture of Serbia.
Monasteirs of Ovcar-Kablar
● Blagoveštenje
● Nikolje
● Sretenje
● Sv.Trojica

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