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Morava Monasteries

Monasteries Ravanica

Serbian Monasteries

The tragic defeat of the Serbian army by the Turks on Marica in 1371 has doubly far-reaching the fate and future of the Serbian state and it’s people. The northern areas of the former empire, which, especially in the time of the first Nemanjic, were neglected provinces, were of exceptional importance during the time of Knez Lazar and Despot Stefan Lazarevic. They become a central part of moravian Serbia and the despotism, where without stronger traditions and cultural heritage, new art developed, which by it’s originality of expression transcended the relatively narrow borders of the restored state.
The Moravian School of Civil Engineering, as the last great stylistic epoch of Serbian medieval art, lasted from 1371 to 1427. However, it’s echoes can be traced back to the fall of Serbian independence in 1459, when its last true forms fade away.
On the almost empty and empty space of Pomoravlje and in the neighboring regions, art has emerged that synthesized some of the previous creative experiences of Byzantium and Serbia and added to them certain marks of indigenous understanding, especially in the field of construction. Serbia, as one of the last free Orthodox states of the Balkans, has become an oasis and a meeting place for many gifted and intelligent people, among whom builders, painters and writers have made the greatest contribution to the artistic and cultural revival.
In the architecture of the sacral monuments of moravian Serbia, the old form of the trichnosis (trefoil), which was transmitted through Macedonia from the Svete gore, is restored. The distribution and the gradual rhythm of the masses create a kind of verticalism of the building, which is surpassed only by the central cubes or five cubes – central and angular. Facades built of stone and brick, broken down by cordon wreaths, arcades and archivolts, decorated with mixed carvings and rosettes, pottery and other relief decorations around windows and portals, Moravian churches and monasteries give a refined taste and poetic feel to the senses.
Morava Monasteries
● Gornjak
● Kalenić
● Ljubostinja
● Manasija
● Naupara
● Ravanica
● Sisojevac

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