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The Valley of Serbian Kings

Fresco in the church of the Studenica Monastery

Serbian Monasteries

King Uroš I Nemanjić (1243-1276), in welcoming his future bride, the French princess Jelena Anjujska, ordered that all the famous lilac species should be crewed throughout the Ibar valley, from Raska to Kraljevo. Thus, the future Serbian queen, as well as the saint, was greeted by the Valley of Lilacs. flowers that are the herald of spring. Today, in the beginning of May, the traditional national party known as the Days of Lilacs is traditionally held.
The beginning of the journey through the Valley of the Kings is Kraljevo, one of the most famous cities of central Serbia, which was given it’s present name in 1882, when Serbia was rebuilt as a kingdom, and King Milan Obrenovic was crowned the first Serbian modern king in the nearby Zica Monastery. The Zica Monastery represents the “mother of all churches”, a characteristic red facade, a temple where her cathedral, StefanPrvovencani, was crowned the first Serbian king. According to the legend, six more kings will be crowned and one door will be opened for each one and then one door will be built, hence the poetic name “sedmovrata  Zica”.
Monasteries in the Valley of the Kings:
● Djurdjevi stupovi
● Gradac
● Sopoćani
● Studenica
● Ziča

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