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Who writes our History?

How important is the past to us? How important it is for one people, specifically the Serbian people to remember, nurturing, study and teach about his past and history?

Author: Marija VUKICEVIC

How important that is they do not forget all the suffering, all the crimes, all the painful lamentations of innocent victims of fatigue, crying unprotected children under the bloody hand of their executioners? How important that loud and clearly, without hesitation, let us point out who the torturers, abusers, murderers were, rapists of the Serbian population throughout history?

Should we forget and forgive? Or just forget it? Or do we just forgive?

The pressure is still on

We are witnessing an “electricity” in Serbian society which argues that it is not necessary to look back to the past, to move forward into the future and forget what we are “Fraternal” peoples were working (which means forgetting about intimidation, massacres, persecution, ethnic cleansing, genocide). Because, they think, what was – was, should be be “politically correct” and lend a hand to reconciliation to the “brothers” of Croats and Muslims (or Bosnjaka, who came up with a new name for their fictional nation). Unfortunately In the Serbian people, such a “current” in society is getting louder and more aggressive. That’s it forgetting and hiding his past is also in favor of foreign Western powers (I will be free to call them modern, quiet occupiers).

The question arises – Why?

Quite simply: a nation that renounces its past renounces its future. If one people lose their identity, or they are abducted, then it won’t matter what they will do with it happen to them in the future. This further implies that such a people are easily manipulated. First it is just manipulation and then over time the occupation is introduced, or it is already introduced?

The end result is absolute subordination to the occupiers. Of course, it is time consuming process and nothing can be done “overnight”, so it is decades back the consciousness of the people adapts, changes, processes to accept that it should give up, well even forget its glorious but also martyr history and past. And which is the safest a means of achieving this? By influencing the youngest generations, the offspring who are just should build the future of this country.

Један оброк много наде

Youth education

Who is most in charge of youth education and learning? School, logical right? So, what our children teach us in school, what textbooks they have. sources and who teaches them? We are getting to a concrete example of how the awareness of the youngest is affected.

Due to the state of emergency, teaching is performed “remotely”, via TV. So we had the opportunity to testify in shame teaching a lesson for 8th grade elementary school in History dealing with World War II Yugoslavia. Although the subtitle of the lesson is “Genocide against Serbs in the NDH”, which is also seen on to the video shown during the lecture, the teacher – teacher does not for a moment mentions, let alone explains, that genocide against Serbs was being carried out in NDH. Instead of lectures on the most terrible Holocaust for the Serbs – Jasenovac, a general story that is not related to Jasenovac, the teacher skilfully skips that painful part of Serbian history so the students remained deprived of the knowledge and truth of the great suffering of the Serbian people in NDH camps.

This is just one small example of how Serbian children learn wrongly in schools, how it neglects Serbian history, reverses, diminishes the importance of the Serbian people throughout history. There are countless examples in textbooks, and anyone who puts in the effort can find them.

Having in see that the textbook publishers (Klet, Novi Logos) are from a group of publishing houses from Croatia and Germany, should we be surprised why children in schools learn to be reborn history, where every trace of the Serbian tribulation is skillfully hidden and annulled.

And what are the real historical facts about the death toll in World War II, during existence of NDH?

It is true that the Ustashas killed over 1,000,000 Serbs! And no, it’s really not an exaggeration when we talk about the number of over 1,000,000 because on the map of Yugoslavia, which in 1943, in Washington was done by a Croat, reported to have been killed between 1941 and 1943 600,000 Serbs!

Photo: Map of the suffering of Serbs in World War II

Let us remind you that the Jasenovac camp was abandoned only in 1945, so 2 years after the map was made. The causes of hatred of Croats towards Serbs is already a special topic that requires a special and more extensive analysis. In short, Croatian upbringing is such that they hate the Serbs incorporates from a small foot. They hide that feeling of hatred deep in their souls until they get it an opportunity to express that hatred. An obvious example is Jasenovac and the wars of the 1990s when they were Serbs killed in the cruelest possible way just because Serbs are Orthodox.

Why is it important that we not forget all the suffering of Serbs throughout history, especially this one made by “brother” nations – neighbors? To remind us that evil never sleeps and that he used to be in the form of a neighbor sharing a piece of bread with us. Because that’s exactly what it is happened to Serbs in NDH – tortured, maimed, raped and murdered by neighbors yesterday Ustasha!


Forgetting Jasenovac and the other camps and forgiving their executioners, they allowed we are in the wars of the 90s for evil to show its face again, we have allowed new pogroms, ethnic cleansing, massacres, genocide. Forgetting and forgiving genocide committed in Jasenovac, we allowed our killers to finish what they started in II world war. I will quote a section from the book Crime without Punishment by Žarko Krstanović:

“Serbian politicians have agreed that In 1961, Joseph Broz concreted the pit of the bottomless pit that the Croatian Nazis from 1941 to 1945 survived our grandparents, fathers, mothers, in the name of false brotherhood and unity, to their people imposed historical amnesia. Now the same in the name of an ethnically pure Catholic state Croatia’s and Unitarian BiH new “peacekeepers” are demanding. Isn’t this because of silence the hardship of God’s punishment? “

And finally, given all the weight, all the greatness of the suffering of the Serbian people especially from the “brotherly” people of Croats, do you think the past doesn’t matter to us and that we should forget it?

Forgetting the past, we will forget who we are again and to allow again, in the wake of collective, imposed amnesia, to be surprised by victims (again, who knows which way!) what our grandparents’ neighbors are.

Serbian people, remembers its history and past! Remember that you are a suffering people who are proud, brave, dignified and unbeatable!

Пратите нас на Фејсбуку, ИнстаграмуТвитеру, Вконтакту, Телеграму и Виберу!

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